Hydroscapes LLC

Ongoing education is one of our key values as a company. We believe that staying current with standards, methods, styles, and trends provides our customers with a better product.

Roger Soares II, SWD
Genesis 3 Design School 1999 - Present

Platinum Member, Society of Watershape Designers

1999 – Construction School, Level I Design School

2001 – Level II Design School

2002 – Drawing School – ASU

2005 – Design Schools: Elements of Design, Measured Perspective, Basic Color Theory, The Vocabulary of Architecture and Style

Genesis 3 Design School- Cont'

2006 – Pool & Watershape Construction School

2008 – Design School: Understanding & Designing Fountains & Water Features

2009 – Design School: Advanced Fluid Engineering

2010 – 3-D Computer Drawing I & II

2011 – 20th Century Architecture

2013 – AutoCad

Groups And Associations

Society of Watershape Designers – Cert. No. KM 013-05 – The only accredited design, engineering, and construction curriculum established to elevate the professional skills of watershapers through education and examination.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors – Licenses #B-5 151402 and A-9 230906

Genesis 3 Design Group

AIA Arizona Professional Affiliates

Artistic Resources & Training

2012 – Art: The Color of Water
2012 – Advanced Design Techniques

Pool And SPA Expo 1999 - Present

Continuing Education

Shotcrete Applications; Outdoor Kitchen Designs; Renovation and Remodeling of Existing Pools & Spas; Acrylic Panels; Water in Transit: Vanishing Edge, Perimeter Overflow, Glass Tile Installation, Studies of American Architects.


PO Box 14551
Scottsdale, AZ 85267

Arizona Registrar of Contractors –
Licenses B-5 151402 and A-9 230906